Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Delicious fluffy pau....

Sweet green bean pau

Curry chicken pau

I finally got someone to take photos of the pau I sell at my coffee shop!! So now I'm able to post the photos here in my blog for all to see. But she only took photos of two types of pau which is the green bean pau and the chicken pau.....because those two are her favorite! I'm happy that she is willing to share these photos with me. :)

These pau are so delicious....they are a bit different from the usual pau you get with the hard layer of skin on the outside. These pau have a softer outer skin and is so soft and fluffy on the inside. The portion of fillings are quite generous much so that when it's steamed, the fillings would sometimes erupt like a volcano as you can see here hahaha.......and would sometimes flow like a tsunami! LOL! :D

But the important thing here is that the taste is great. You will not regret buying it and will definitely come back for more! The price of each pau is only RM1.30 for the green bean paste filling and RM1.60 for the chicken curry filling.

So what are you waiting for? If you are ever around Ipoh, do drop by my coffee shop and give these pau a try! It's worth it!

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